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Coconutt Diethanol Amide CDEA or 6501


Item Specification
1:1 1:1.5 1:2
Appearance, 25℃ Yellowish to yellow viscous liquid
Odor Characteristic odor
Amine value, mgKOH/g 30 max. 100 max. 130 max.
PH value (10g/L,10% ethanol water solution) 10.5 max. 10.5 max. 10.7 max.
Color, Hazen 300 max. 300 max. 300 max.

1:1 Type:

Low irritation,good washing performance & rich foam. Coconutt Diethanol Amide is mainly used in products that don’t have high requirement of consistency but should have good bubble affect, such as hand sanitizer, baby shampoo, bath liquid, cosmetics, etc.

1:1.5 Type:

Strong detergency, good washing performance & rich foam. CDEA is mainly used in tableware detergent, hand sanitizer, shampoo, bath liquid and liquid detergent, etc.

1:2 Type:

Good emulsification, washing and decontamination capability, can emulsify oil, liquid paraffin, etc., at the same time, it has good anti-rust performance, used in the production of textile auxiliaries and metal processing AIDS such as soap detergent, metal cleaning agent, metal cutting fluid and so on.


Mainly used in shampoo and liquid detergent manufacturing, Fatty alcohol-polyoxyethylene ether can strengthen the cleaning effect; can be used as additive, foam stabilizer and foaming agent. Form an opaque fog solution in water and it can be completely transparent under certain stirring.

Coconutt diethanol amide can be completely dissolved in different kinds of surfactants under certain concentration, in low carbon and high carbon can be completely dissolved.

Packing & Storage

Packing In 200kg plastic drum.

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